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Q&A #24 (2023-08-28)

Answers to questions from the last Q&A thread.

In each Q&A video, I answer questions from the comments on the previous Q&A video, which can be from any part of the course. Transcripts are not available for Q&A videos due to length. I do produce closed captions for them, but Substack still has not enabled closed captions on videos :(

Questions addressed in this video:

  • [00:22] “You mentioned that non-invariant TSC CPUs are older but how old are we talking about here? Is this like a 10year old thing or more like a 25 year old thing? I'm mostly curious to see how probable it might be to have such a machine running”

  • [06:46] “Is there a simple way to get the profiler to work with threads? If I want to look at the perf of a block that does two things, each on a thread, it gets kinda tricky to figure out the time of each of the workers and of the block as a whole.”

  • [09:43] “When measuring performance do you ever account for other applications running on the same machine that might cause your process to be preempted?”

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