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Q&A #42 (2024-01-29)

Answers to questions from the last Q&A thread.

In each Q&A video, I answer questions from the comments on the previous Q&A video, which can be from any part of the course. Transcripts are not available for Q&A videos due to length. I do produce closed captions for them, but Substack still has not enabled closed captions on videos :(

Questions addressed in this video:

  • [02:64] “Be it in the course or outside it, you have mentioned several times the topic of vector-complete programming. Are you planning to give a lesson in the course or outside it? If not, could you point some resources to learn how to program that way? I have been wanting to learn to program like that but don't know a proper place to start and will find this super useful. I would love to see this kind of programming applied to compilers and dramatic improvement. The current state of compilers is pretty unreasonable, even more considering that they are critical software for developers and there is ton of waste in every aspect daily.”

  • [05:03] “In ‘Code Alignment’ you mentioned about some other tools we may use to collect more data about performance. I'm keen to look at them, what are they?”

  • [12:58] “I have been wondering how should we take into consideration Big/Little cpu architectures when profiling and optimizing. Should we consider the features lowest common denominators? just hope our code to be mainly executed on the big ones?

    And, if trying to fully utilize its resources, should we have two paths for each kind (if that is even possible)?”

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