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Q&A #54 (2024-05-13)

Answers to questions from the last Q&A thread.

In each Q&A video, I answer questions from the comments on the previous Q&A video, which can be from any part of the course.

Questions addressed in this video:

  • [00:03] “How valuable do you think type systems are compared to having more fundamentally different properties in languages?”

  • [04:37] “I'd love to hear more about declaring a struct for every type of index. Any examples available?”

  • [11:38] “I have seen you use some cool apps in some videos, that I hadn't heard of before (like SpeedCrunch or SumatraPDF) and that I found very useful for myself too. Are there some other apps you can recommend either specifically for developing (e.g. RemedyBG, VTune) or that you just find generally useful (like SumatraPDF)?”

  • [17:47] “About 4-level and 5-level paging, what is the reason why this is used? There must be advantages if it makes the address translation process slower.”

  • [20:12] “Have you ever worked with server databases, and do you think there's enough bloat in them that it could be beneficial to spend the effort on writing our own (i.e. specialized, not generalized)? Beside perf gains, I'm mostly concerned with not getting the security features built in, and having far less talent available for potential issues (e.g. with data concurrency, which can be hard to think about).”

  • [25:08] “Many of the bloated infrastructure software I now dream of replacing seem daunting to work on because I've experienced several times that when I tried to, I eventually learn that there's many rational reasons why it was so complicated in the first place. But of course, that was before I realized how much more lean specialized software can be, than generalized. Regardless, I'm still very concerned with replacing features that require security, without having hardening talent available. What is (or would be) your approach to such undertakings?”

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