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The Haversine Distance Problem

An overview of the performance problem we'll be looking at throughout the course.

This is an interstitial video in the Performance-Aware Programming series. It presents the example problem that we will be looking at throughout the course as a reference. Please see the Table of Contents to quickly navigate through the rest of the course as it is updated weekly. A lightly-edited transcript of the video appears below.

In the prologue of the course, we saw how five performance multipliers affected a very simple loop. As we move on to the main part of the course, where we look things in greater detail, we need a problem that is more representative of a common programming scenario. We don't want it to be a complete codebase, because that will be too large for us to cover in one course. But we do want something that encompasses several representative performance problems.

The way I went about finding something like this was to first search Stack Overflow for someone asking a question about performance. This seemed like the fairest way to start with something that a programmer might actually be confused about.

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