Jul 19 • 45M

A Tale of Two Radio Shacks

The Complete History of Trinity - Episode 2

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Casey Muratori
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“Everything having to do with the store or anything else in my life disappeared down the maw of that computer.” — Brian Moriarty on his first encounter with the TRS-80 Model I

In the spring of 2022, I interviewed Brian Moriarty about his life leading up to, and including, the creation of the Infocom classic Trinity. This is the second episode produced from those sessions. Unfortunately, due to challenges in the way the interview had to be conducted, the audio for the first three episodes is very poor. Every effort has been made to clean the audio, but, the end result is still very rough.

If you’d like to play Trinity before listening to this spoiler-laden podcast, I have posted a guide to help get you started.

If you haven’t heard the previous episode, I highly recommend starting at the beginning, as the podcast forms a continuous story that is meant to be heard in order.